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  • Coastal Erosion Problems
  • Shoreline Evolution Assessment
  • Coastal Defense Structures
  • Harbour Structures
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Offshore Structures Analysis

About Us

R5 Marine Solutions is an innovative spin-off from R5 Engineers which offers engineering solutions to face the maritime challenges at both coastal and offshore levels, integrating components of research, software development, consulting and project services.

R5 Marine Solutions is constituted by a multidisciplinary team with proved experience in the maritime field and regroup the fundamental competences to assert itself in the market as an entity able to respond to the engineering challenges transversal to the entire maritime domain.

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Mourão River Wharf

Estarreja, Portugal

Bridge And Access To Faro Beach

Faro, Portugal

Requalification Of Barrinha Of Mira

Mira, Portugal

Bridge of Faro

Faro, Portugal
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